Orchids of Sweden

Welcome to my site with the Swedish Orchids.

I have been interested in the Swedish orchids for some years now and during those years i have succeded in photographing most wild growing species in Sweden. The number of species are 47, and above this there are four or five variations that are well defined. You can define species in other ways too, particularly among the orchids, but thatīs another problem how to part closly related species of flowers. In my searching for the orchids I have visited places all around Sweden, and meet a lot of nice people who have helped me in my searching, showing me where to find the flowers I was looking for. I am lucky since I live in southern Sweden and many of the orchids could be found in my neighbourhood. Some of the best "orchid districts" in Sweden, like Öland, Gotland, Skåne and Blekinge is located close to where I live.

This site have no other ambitions than to be a small presentation of the Swedish orchids. A little text describing the flower, where you could find it, when it bloom and two ,or sometimes more, picitures showing the beauty of the flower. I want to show that there are a lot of beautiful orchids growing in the fantastic Swedish nature. Iīm sorry to say but the descriptions of the flowers is only in Swedish, yet, but if there is someting you want to know please send me a mail, there is a mailbox in the upper right corner, and Iīll prommise to send you an answer.

Hope it didnīt take you to long to load this site, but there is a lot of picitures..... and thatīs what itīs all about.

I have made all picitures on this site myself and if someone want to use them for any other purpose please let me know first.